Papers presented at ITiCSE will normally address aspects of computing education, that is, the education of students who are studying computing. ITiCSE does not generally accept papers about applications of computing in other areas of education, such as the development of software to make it easier for online students to learn chemistry.

 Within the domain of computing and computing engineering education, papers might cover

  • specific educational subject matter, such as programming, database systems, or computer security
  • specific groups of students, such as women, minorities, or school students
  • broader topics, such as curriculum, groupwork, or class infrastructure

 Types of paper accepted might include

  • experience reports describing a classroom innovation and an assessment of its impact
  • software reports describing tools developed for learning or assessment in computing
  • research reports describing projects undertaken to investigate aspects of computing education
  • papers describing beliefs or proposals for future work, although ITiCSE prefers to accept reports once the beliefs have been validated or the proposals implemented